Anaesthetic Machines

Award-winning anaesthetic breathing system which has won notable Design and Engineering Awards, proven by independent research in both medical and veterinary fields. Recently confirmed in the Vet Anaesthesia & Analgesia Journal, May 2015.

Humphrey ADE-circle ...

The machine is designed around the Humphrey ADE-circle system which includes a 10 year service interval vaporiser and a top of the range oxygen concentrator. Plug and play concept. Two or more machines can connect to the Free-Ox oxygen concentrator.

Free-Ox Machine

Designed around the Humphrey ADE-circle system. It's light and compact. Footprint: 34cm x 34cm, and only weighs 12kgs. Includes a very accurate new generation vaporiser, designed for low maintenance. Connect to a cylinder or to the 02 concentrator of the Free-Ox machine. Wall-mountable and/or table-top.

Mini-portable machine