Service pool scheme

Please Note: If the ADE-circle is older than 5 years then the practice needs to buy a set of four completely NEW valves bought on the website shop; thereafter, they can join the low-cost service pool scheme. We will check how old the system is by looking at our records.

Over the years most equipment supplied by Anaequip has never been serviced.  Only when equipment fails are we contacted and the equipment returned for repair.  The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons have recently become increasing concerned about “preventive maintenance” to avoid equipment failing with potentially disastrous consequences to the animal. They now demand proof of maintenance as part of their inspections of veterinary practice.

With regard to the Humphrey ADE-circle system, there are 5 critical components that need annual attention if they are to work reliably and safely. Unfortunately servicing can be expensive especially if a technician is required to visit the practice – with labour and travel included it could a charge for a whole day!   To cut the costs right down, Anaequip has now introduced a pool service scheme whereby YOU do the servicing yourself.  But all you do is to remove what needs to be serviced and replace it with already serviced components which you send back to us.   It takes about 10 minutes, and costs only £99 (+VAT and postage) per system (subject to inflation).  After the first service, we’ll send you a kit.

If practices want to pass their inspection, then this is a necessary requirement.   If any practice is not happy to undertake the servicing themselves, the whole ADE system and canister can be sent to Anaequip though the fee will be much higher with postage costs both ways.

What is our service pool scheme?

It is important that the Humphrey ADE-circle breathing system is serviced annually as soda lime dust significantly affects function if it is allowed to accumulate. The following components require attention:

  • The canister red and blue one-way valves

  • The exhaust valve on the ADE main body

  • The pressure-limiting valve on the ADE main body

  • Replacement seals for the canister

The service is a simple process whereby Anaequip sends out the canister red & blue one-way valves, and the exhaust and pressure-limiting valves on the main body of the ADE-circle system. In addition, we include the seal kit for the canister. On receipt by the practice, the existing valves are removed and replaced by the serviced ones. The valves that now require servicing are returned to Anaequip by post. Each year we send out a service pool exchange kit. After 4 years, you need to renew the contract.


What do we do with the returned valves?

As we are the manufacturers, we check every valve and replace any component that does not come up to a standard of a new valve. We can trace the history of each valve by its serial number. Hence what you get back from the service pool are valves that have been fully checked and are easy to replace on your Humphrey ADE-circle breathing system.


How to register and what happens afterwards?

To register, please fill in the form below. Once you have registered for the service pool scheme, we will contact you to confirm your order and practice details after which we will post the valves and seals to you. If you haven’t already got an ADE spanner set, then we will include this in your first service fee. When you have received the valves, you are required to post, using tracking/recorded postage, your existing exhaust, pressure-limiting and red & blue one-way valves back to Anaequip-Vet UK. If we do not receive the valves within a week, then we will charge the full value of anything not returned. In addition, if any valve is damaged such as cracks, dents or cannot be placed back into the service pool for any other reason, a full charge for the valve will be added onto the bill.



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