Endorsed not only by vets but also by medical anaesthetists

It is both efficient to use and simple in design to give excellent anaesthetics and to run very economically. He has developed a low flow system which can operate both on small patients or with the re-breathing system for larger dogs. This operates on extremely low flows for large dogs and this of course is an enormous financial saving both for the inhalant used and also for oxygen consumption. Dr Humphrey has revolutionised the veterinarians modus operandi by providing excellent anaesthesia which becomes a lot more economical and less risk for staff in theatre fcurredrom exposure to the gas. It was endorsed to me by Dr Jenny Thomas the head anaesthetist at Cape Town Red Cross Hospital and if anyone needs reassurance please speak to her.

It should be noted that the low flow system is particularly important for saving money and making it affordable to use. Another veterinarian who is a leading anaesthetist is Dr Kenneth Joubert who would also vouch for Dr Humphrey’s credentials .The vaporiser for the Sevoflurane is the Rolls Royce in its field manufactured in the UK. It provides very accurate calibration.

Kevin Hackett, Avalon Veterinary Hospital, Kirstenhof, Cape Town

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