Booking a service

To book in your Humphrey ADE-circle® system for service / repair, you first need to contact us via the website.  We will contact you to book the system in. There is a minimum assessment and service fee of £90. If you do not accept the repair quote, the return tracking postage will still be charged. If there there is significant damage, we will contact you concerning cost of the repair. For normal annual maintenance as required by the RCVS, we suggest the economical Service Pool Exchange Scheme, which you can find here.  Only under special circumstances do we allow booking a system. Any unbooked equipment will only be attended to in strict rotation, and we encourage you not to send any equipment without prior booking.

Only courier the system AFTER we have contacted you. It is essential that with the system that you include your full practice details and all details of the problems that you have observed to help us identify what to examine.