Manual IPPV, enormous savings

Yesterday we repaired a ruptured diaphragm on a severely traumatised cat. We used the ADE of course, in this case with manual IPPV. The anaesthesia was the best I can recall for one of these, or indeed any open chest case.

On the savings side, we save £35,000 of sevoflurane each year thanks to the Humphrey ADE-circle system.

Simon Thomas , Gatehouse Veterinary Hospital

Easy to use, huge cost savings

We started using the oxygen concentrating (“Free-Ox”) machines and ADE anaesthetic system a year ago. After a training session from Dr Humphrey the transfer to the new machines and systems went ahead with no concerns, even though many of our nurses and vets had no experience of circle systems before this change.

We have three anaesthetic machines. Over the last year we have saved £7000 on the purchase of Sevoflurane. This does not take into account the amount that we have saved on by not using oxygen cylinders. We anticipate in two years from purchase we will have paid for the three machines purely in the savings on Sevoflurane.

Rachel Thomas, Ash Vets, Merthyr Tydfil

Extremely simple to use … robustly made … tiny, tiny flow rates

We began using the ADE systems approximately six years ago, and have recently bought a third. The systems are extremely simple to use and robustly made. We have never had any problems with them of any sort, and we have used them with patients from 100g to 95Kg. It takes virtually no time to be trained in their use and all of our staff are very fond of them. I have found them very easy to maintain and service, with a very helpful parts service and prompt delivery. From a business perspective, the tiny, tiny flow rates (usually 500ml per min for any size patient) have significant advantages in terms of huge reduction in waste gas, wasted agent and hence the disposal of these. Why use anything else?

Tom North, MA VetMB MRCVS

Highly controllable and stable anaesthetics. Use of Sevoflurane use has dropped significantly

Having used the ADE system with sevoflurane, we have found the combination offers us highly controllable and stable anaesthetics for our patients. Our other circuits have largely been consigned to the storage drawer, and remain as a nurse and vet student training resource, rather than as practical parts of our armoury. Our sevoflurane use has dropped significantly as we can run at lower gas flow rates. I would recommend you look at this system, and having looked, you should buy it. We are very pleased that we did.

Martin Squires, The Green Veterinary Surgery, Skelton, Penrith, Cumbria.

Easy to use, massive cost savings

We have been thrilled with our Humphrey ADE-circle breathing system. We find it very easy to use and have made massive savings on both oxygen and anaesthetic costs. After using this breathing system we would not consider using anything else.

Paul Guckian, Companion Care Bristol Filton, Bristol

Price differential between sevoflurane and isoflurane is no longer a barrier

The beauty of the ADE circuit is that I can confidently use such low gas flow rates that I know the price differential between sevoflurane and isoflurane is no longer a barrier. I first used the ADE circuit in 2001, and have been using it ever since. It’s easy to use, and adaptable for all patients, small and large, and it’s economical.

Mark Overend, BVMS GP Cert (Cardio) MRCVS. Small Animal Director Cain Veterinary Centre Llansantffraid, Powys. March 2013.

Easy to use for all animals

We have been using the Humphrey ADE for many years now at all sites of our 8 vet small animal practice. We have been consistently impressed by the ease of use of the system. From our point of view it has three unique benefits. Firstly we have to train our staff on only one circuit type, maximising familiarity and therefore safety. Secondly, we can use the same system for all the animals we treat. And thirdly we use lower gas flow rates than previously, which took some getting used to, but leads to good economy, especially since we switched to sevoflurane.

Liz Watkins , Watkins and Tasker Vet Group

The practice was one of the first to use the Humphrey ADE system when it entered the veterinary world – 3 March, 2000.

I am just writing to express my delight regarding our Humphrey ADE anaesthetic circuit.

I was somewhat sceptical about the claims made about 02 flow rates and the potential savings in Isoflurane. Not any more. Our usage of Isoflurane has halved since we changed our anaesthetic circuits and we expect to recoup the cost of the circuit in around 6 month.

I also feel happier using a circuit that preserves moist gases from the upper respiratory tract, especially for smaller patients where the dry anaesthetic gases can cause significant fluid loss in longer procedures.

Lastly, it is so much simpler for the nurses to have one basic circuit that adapts to all sizes of patient with only minor modification, So, in conclusion, I am a very happy man, The ADE circuit is well made, works brilliantly and makes Isoflurane anaesthesia much more economical. Every practice should have one (at least!).

Tim Pearson, Orchard House Veterinary Centre, Northumberland

Reliable anaesthetic machines

Just to let you know we are fully installed in the new surgery and have used both the machines for some long ops and have had no problems at all with smooth anaesthesia right through the ops including a couple of older fat dogs! We have found the low flow rates fine and are now confident with them. Many thanks again for an excellent piece of kit.

Andrew Clemence , Fishguard Vets Wales